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Hi! I’m Kate. Folks know me as a musician, visual artist and bird-enthusiast. I grew up in Ontario, lived in Nova Scotia, toured across the country by bicycle & train and landed in BC where I now live with my partner Seán. Since finding some grounding, I’m now focusing on self-care, strengthening creative practices, and engaging in environmental conservation work.

trumpet lagoon Honking with the geese at Esquimalt LagoonPhoto credit: Caitlyn Neufeld 2019

These are some ways in which I like to spend my time: playing and composing music, making art, watching/listening to birds, exploring the natural world, wearing interesting hats, reading, cooking meals, savouring food, stretching, strolling, meditating, juggling, dancing, guffawing and solving problems creatively.

Music Dabbling: ~1992-present Performing professionally: 2011-present

2020- In the process of recording a piano-based album, as well as composing new music. Currently creating with an accordion, upright piano, voice (including polyphonic overtone singing), musical saw, jaw harp, bits & bobs.

A glimpse: ‣ Toured by bicycle (including a tandem-recumbent bike with a fully-loaded trailer), bus, ferry and train (VIA Rail Onboard Entertainment) performing in ON, QC, NS, NB, PEI and BC from 2012 to 2015 ‣ Performed at 17 festivals between 2014-2019 ‣ Co-organizer of the Bicycle Music Festival in Victoria 2017-'19

See my full curriculum vitae for music here

Art Dabbling: ~1991-present Professionally dabbling: ~2004-present

Currently experimenting with sculpting, drawing, carving, sewing, needle-felting, painting, cut-and-pasting, and using anything that's lying around.

hibernation Self Portrait, Hibernation, 2020

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