New Single: Robin's Sing-Along!

On Migratory Bird Day I released a collaboration I did with some local birds. The song features American robins, American crows, dark-eyed juncos and steller's jays. The birds were compensated with fresh bath water, peanuts and plenty of leaf litter to scrounge around in for insects and worms :) I hope you’ll sink in and enjoy the sonic birdscape and piano tune!

Robin's Sing-Along (Oct 2023):

  New Mini-Album: Mixed Seeds!

I’ve finally released a small handful of original piano-and-voice songs! This EP is a small step towards getting some of the dozen-or-more new songs I’ve written over the last few years out to the public ear. Give a listen at your leisure, and if you feel so inclined, get yourself a digital copy!

Mixed Seeds (Sept 2023):

  Older Accordion Stuff:

Solo Album (2018):
Duo Album (2017):




lagoon blackbirds

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